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Harley Davidson Motorcycle Repair Anthem AZ
Harley Davidson Motorcycle Repair Service in Phoenix, AZ


Have You Got Modified Harley-Davidson Motorcycle That Requires Service?


Are you currently on the search for Motorcycle repairs to your Harley motorcycle? For the best motorcycle repair shop in the Phoenix AZ area: Jon Ritzheimer, the owner of The Gremlin Garage, has your back! It’s never been simpler to make your Harley purr and roar!

Classic Harley-Davidson Restoration Done Right from the Experts

Regardless of whether you are anywhere in Arizona, in Phoenix, Arizona, Anthem, Cave Creek, etc. you want the very best for your Harley bike. You are getting 3 Marines who are master mechanics, and our services include parts and labor when you receive your Harley worked at The Gremlin Garage EXPECT YOUR HARLEY TO ROAR!

Here is how we do it: 

Complete Evaluation of Your Motorcycle’s Condition. We assembled seen it all If it comes to vintage Harleys. That begins with a rigorous evaluation of your Harley motorcycle to pinpoint any difficulties with the motor, brakes, transmission, wiring, and systems.

Disassembly Down into the Frame

Complete disassembly down to the framework is a necessary part of bringing up your bicycle to peak condition if chosen. Everything on the bicycle such as can be inspected, repaired, and updated — brakes, carburetor system, the transmission, plus more.

Extensive Mechanical Function for Engine Repair

Shovelhead, the EVO, Knucklehead, and Panhead 45-degree, engines provide functionality Harley is famous for. No matter it’s gone because it had a maintenance test, or how old your motor is, or even been conducted, we will bring the monster back through support and repair.

Polishing and Detailing

After the bike’s components are all prepared, we start detailing. Along with polishing, painting, and re-chroming, we will manage new seat foam, tire replacement, plus a cover. You are going to acquire Harley functionality that is a classic, and they seem to like you dreamed.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Repairs in Phoenix, AZ

Whatever your reason for stopping by The Gremlin Garage, we want to be your only choice in keeping your motorcycles on the Arizona roads where they belong so you will never set foot in those other repair shops again. The motorcycle mechanics at The Gremlin Garage in AZ will educate you throughout the entire repair process.

We won’t speak over your head, in words that you don’t understand. We will help you to make the decision that is right for you and your bike. That means listening to your concern, diagnosing the problem, explaining the problem and the solution, and then educating you on how you may be able to prevent the problem from occurring in the future. Whether you own a V-Rod, a Sportster, an Electra-Glide, or any of the lineup, we’ve got the integrity and experience to do an excellent job at a great price and get your motorcycle back on the road quickly and safely.

We can do anything for you from an easy oil change to a complete motorcycle or ATV engine rebuild. We love older Harley Davidsons! Many shops won’t work on a Harley Davidson motorcycle older than ten years old. We can provide you with the best quality repairs at a fair price on your Harley cruiser, sportbike, touring bike, scooter, enduro, and trike. We love older Harley Davidsons! Many shops won’t work on a Harley Davidson motorcycle older than ten years old. The Gremlin Garage believes that the oldies can be the goodies and we want to help you preserve the classic Harley you ride.

We will NEVER tell you that you need something that you don’t, and we will work to find solutions that fall within your time guidelines or budget.

Motorcycle Repairs for All Models near Phoenix, AZ

No, no high-priced dealership labels cost, and no bait and switch or fancy selling tactics, just knowledgeable and honest people who want you to come back to see them the next time you need any Motorcycle repairs done on your Harley. Our American V-twin technicians will make you happy you own a Harley Davidson motorcycle, once again. If you’re like most Harley Davidson owners, your motorcycle is your baby. You want someone who will treat her as well as you do, someone who knows what makes her tick, and someone who knows how to repair her without charging you for their huge, fancy facility and big name.
motorcycle repair phoenix AZ
motorcycle repair phoenix AZ

We want to know more about you and your motorcycle (or the one you want to own) and find out what we can do to make your riding experience amazing! You can bring your motorcycle to us when no one else can figure out what’s wrong with it and we will find the problem and figure out a solution. Words and talk are cheap. Take a look for yourself. No pressure, just friendly people with tons of knowledge and experience waiting to help you.

Motorcycle Repairs

  • Clutch Repairs for Motorcycles
  • Motorcycle Tires Installed
  • Oil Changes for Motorcycles
  • Brake Repairs for Motorcycles
  • Exhausts for Motorcycles
  • Engine Repairs for Motorcycles
  • Batteries for Motorcycles
  • Chain and Sprockets for Motorcycles

We Repair Motorcycles Motorcycle Repairs for All Models

  • Harley Davidson Motorcycle Repairs
  • Kawasaki Motorcycle Repairs
  • Honda Motorcycle Repairs
  • Suzuki Motorcycle Repairs
  • Yamaha Motorcycle Repairs
  • Triumph Motorcycle Repairs
  • Victory Motorcycle Repairs
  • BMW Motorcycle Repairs
  • Honda Goldwing Motorcycle Repairs
  • Vintage Motorcycle Repairs
  • Sport Bike Repairs
  • Cruiser Motorcycle Repairs

Motorcycle Scooter Repairs

  • Piaggio Motor Scooter Repairs
  • Yamaha Motor Scooter Repairs
  • Suzuki Motor Scooter Repairs
  • Honda Motor Scooter Repairs
  • Motor Scooter Brake Repairs
  • Motor Scooter Engine Repairs


Harley Davidson Motorcycle Service & Repair Phoenix AZ

We offer service and repair for Harley Davidson motorcycles, or ANY Motorcycle at our professionally equipped facility near Anthem, AZ. Our Marine trained factory motorcycle repair technicians will provide you with quality service at an affordable rate.

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